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Your Digital Canvas Awaits

At Virtual Chanakya, we understand the essence of a website – it’s not just your business’s web address, it’s your digital footprint in the global marketplace. In this high-tech era, a website is essential for visibility and engagement. With technology at your fingertips, your website becomes a powerful marketing tool, accessible at any time and from anywhere.

Round-the-Clock Marketing

  • 24/7 Business Exposure:Your website works even when you don’t, providing constant marketing and customer engagement.
  • Global Reach: Share your products or services with a worldwide audience, breaking geographical barriers.
Choose Your Website Type with Virtual Chanakya

Static Website

Ideal for businesses with content that doesn’t require frequent updates. Simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

Dynamic Website

 Perfect for businesses needing regular content updates. Utilizes server-side scripting languages and CMS for easy content management.


Maximizing Leads

Lead-Generating Design: Our websites are designed to attract and convert, ensuring a high rate of visitor-to-client conversion. Engaging User Experience: We focus on creating an intuitive and interactive user experience to keep potential clients engaged.

24X7 Available

We are quick in the deliverable and that too is in your budget. Always there to help you.

Web Page Speed Performance

We will deliver the website with a higher page speed score as per the standard tools.

Custom Website Designing

We design your website as per the need of your business. Our designers will analyze the taste and preferences of your clients and design accordingly to attract them.

Website Protection & Security

Security features will be implemented as per the nature of your business. Safe database protection from bot attacks, etc. will be enabled to secure your website from hackers.

SEO Optimized Website

We ensure the proper On-Page SEO optimization at the time of website development.

Attractive Design & Fully Responsive

You will see your website with an impressive design, easy navigation, and fully responsive to all screen sizes.

User Interface Design

Our Design ensures efficient interaction with the user. It would be highly modern and easy to understand. Related and purposeful info-graphics to deliver the correct message to the audience.

Website Redesigning & Maintenance

We can redesign your website with the skills of our innovative and creative designers. We also provide you with the services of the maintenance of the website and ensure its functionality all the time.

How would you select the right platform for Website Designing & Development?

5 Main Points to be considered while choosing the right platform for your website is:


Purpose of the Website

  • Just to share the information about your business – A simple business website in any of the platforms like Core PHP, HTML, WordPress, Wix, Webflow, etc. is good.
  • For Blogging, Portfolio, Landing Page etc. – WordPress is a better solution.
  • For an eCommerce Website or Portal – WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, OpenCart etc. are available and very convenient to use.
  • A customized eCommerce Website – PHP, Java, .Net, Ruby etc. are advised.

Content Revision and update

  • If your website is to show content that is not required to be updated on regular basis it is advisable to go for a static website.
  • If your website needs regular updates or revision of content, then a CMS Driven dynamic website is your need.




The budget you want to spend on website development plays a major role in the selection of the appropriate platform.

  • Dynamic Websites are costlier than the Static Websites.

        In Dynamic websites also, Theme-based solutions are comparatively cheaper than customized solutions.

  • Each Programming Language has its own special features and benefits. The cost of development also depends on the language you are choosing. PHP for Website Development is relatively cheaper and most demanding than other programming languages. The development of Java Websites is most secure and are costly.



  • High-level security domains like banking and finance use Java for Web development. Laravel also gives the better option in terms of protection and security.
  • Most of the educational organizations and government authorities use .Net for their website development.



Time for Website Designing and Development

  • Theme based platform can be easily done in few weeks.
  • Customized solutions take time from 2-6 months and more depending upon the level of customization and functionalities required.

Our Industry Experience

Virtual Chanakya has a rich portfolio spanning various sectors:

Portfolio Website

Business Website

E-Commerce Portal

Real Estate Portal

Travel & Tourism Portal

Finance Website

Educational Website

News & Media Website

Entertainment Website

Brochure Website

Social Networking Website

NGO Website

Join us at Virtual Chanakya, where we transform your web vision into digital reality, ensuring your business shines in the online world. Let’s embark on this digital journey together!

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